We bring local businesses and customers together to build stronger communities.

At Sidewalk we want to know the small business owner across the street by name. We want local retailers to share in our joys, celebrations and even sorrows, and this means reaching out to get to know them. Sidewalk aims to bring authenticity and personal connection back to our communities by connecting customers with the local businesses that serve their neighborhoods.


Our mission is to build stronger communities by keeping consumer purchasing local.

At Sidewalk, we are connectors. We help customers find the products they need online, sold by local retailers in their neighborhood. We believe that in order to build and sustain strong communities, locally owned, independent businesses should have access to the customers that spend billions of dollars online annually.

Our goal is not to replace brick and mortar stores, it is to augment them. By lowering the barriers to entry so local businesses can join online marketplaces, Sidewalk helps to harness the power of thousands of businesses on our platform so businesses can reach more customers.

Put simply, we make it easier to shop locally, and we do that by aggregating the products independent retailers sell and putting them onto one easily searchable website.

Our Story

It all started in search of a foam roller and a bike helmet in the wake of the first COVID-19 citywide shutdown in Denver, CO.

Despite the power of major online marketplaces, founder and CEO Lizzy Lee was told it would take weeks to receive her online purchases due to the pandemic. In need of something much faster, she wondered how on earth she could ever find out if a local business in her Denver community carried what she needed and dreamed of an online marketplace that helped her get to know local businesses and their products in her area.

Three days later, when her neighbor Saba commented he was in need of a bike helmet and would just buy it on Amazon, Lizzy insisted they visit the local bike store around the corner that had just opened and were in desperate need of local support. Out of real necessity and the desire to support the local community during a time of need, Sidewalk was born.

Our “Sidewalkers”

We care deeply about what we do and the impact we make in our local communities.

We make the extra effort to walk the sidewalks of our own communities, creating connections with local retail owners and championing small business whenever we can. We shop local, we support local, we believe in local and we love our communities.

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